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Once upon a time – that’s normally how the tales as old as time start and you know you’ll be dragged into a world full of wonder and love spiced up with some good old fashioned jealousy, resentment and one or two guys thirsting for power or whatever comes closest to it. Unfortunately, this is not a fairytale and it’s definitely not a Disney movie, it’s my life and it’s not at all Hollywood-style, therefore no need to beg to get it filmed (not that there is anyone begging for it ….)

I learned pretty early on that normal peoples lives are not like the movies. The first clue was the fact that my Guinea pigs Chip und Flipsy (fancy names, I know ^^) suprisingly had no desire to talk to me, no matter how hard I tried them to respond to my extremly important questions (and by the way: they didn’t sing either …). The rest of the clues …. well, let’s say they aren’t that important ….

Disappointed but at least a little bit wiser by the age of seven, I decided that if my life is not meant to be like a Disney movie or any other movie at all, I can at least escape it by diving into every movie and TV series I can find. And so I did and it became kind of an addiction.

Now, it might not be surprising, but I love movies – good movies. The movies where you sit on your comfy couch or the way too low tempered cinema (brrr), and you wonder what’s going to happen next because you simply can’t predict it and no, that’s not something that comes easily to me. Because I actually can predict what’s going to happen in close to 95% of the cases. I simply know. And this knack killed nearly every movie experience I ever had! So, for me to find a movie where I actually have no clue what’s going to happen in the next scene, is pretty amazing and very rare.

To make something – anything – out of this small addiction and the fact that I really like to share my opinion on movies and the one or two or twenty TV series I excessively watch, I decided to create this blog.

So, I hope you someone – anyone – is going to read this and hopefully will enjoy it.

& to close this post the proper Disney-ish way: “…. and she lived happily ever after”, sang the birds or mice or dwarfs.



Anna ♦